Texas Private Investigator – Vehicle and Marine Surveillance

Texas Private Investigator

Texas private investigator offers surveillance services on land and water.


If you’re in need of a Texas private investigator experienced in both vehicle tracking and marine surveillance, Kimmons Investigations is your best resource for a Texas private investigator.  Surveillance, whether on land or water, is a specialized investigative service that requires both training and technical resources.  Kimmons Investigations has both.

Texas Private Investigator Vehicle Tracking

Companies have a wide range of needs when it comes to keeping track of their vehicles, whether they’re delivery, service, or employer-provided vehicles.  There are many valid reasons for tracking the location of vehicles, some of which include:

  • employee security
  • materials and product protection from theft
  • monitoring of vehicle use for cost control
  • efficient scheduling of service calls or deliveries

Electronic equipment with GPS tracking capabilities are available with full-time Internet tracking of location and mapping of stops and times of movement.  Sometimes the vehicle tracking is a part of investigation of employee activities or theft.

Marine Surveillance

Houston private investigators at Kimmons Investigations are also trained experts at marine surveillance.  In the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston Bay, and particularly the Houston Ship Channel, there are requirements for surveillance of water craft and shore activities related to the massive economic activity in the area.  Ships, container vessels, and craft of all types are engaged in legal and illegal activities.

The equipment and training for marine surveillance has some similarity to vehicle and personnel surveillance, but there are other specialized needs that Kimmons Investigations has available.  Our trained personnel and craft are well-suited to marine surveillance and tracking of watercraft with specialized reporting of activities and movements.


For your vehicle tracking, marine surveillance, and Texas private investigator needs, call on Kimmons Investigations for expert training and equipment.

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