Texas Private Investigator Services

Texas private investigator litigation services.

Investigator provides a full spectrum of investigative services.

Litigation is big business in this country, and whether you’re plaintiff or the defendant, court actions can take a lot of time and money, especially if a trial and witnesses are involved.  This Texas private investigator  provides skip tracing and witness location services.

Texas private investigators from Kimmons Investigations have access to proprietary databases for background checks, locating people, and tracking people who are constantly moving.  In the data collection and analysis phases of locating people, Kimmons’ Texas private investigators access a great deal of data from multiple sources, some not accessible to the general public:

  • credit card applications
  • business license applications
  • courthouse records
  • public records databases
  • proprietary databases
  • driver license records
  • criminal records
  • real estate and mortgage filings
  • loan applications
  • job applications
  • phone number databases
  • credit reports
  • tax records
  • professional license databases
  • court filings

It isn’t difficult to hide from creditors or others in this country, but it’s impossible to hide from a trained investigator with the database and investigative resources available to Kimmons’ Texas private investigators.

Our services to corporate and individual clients involved in litigation often involve locating people to strengthen our clients’ position in a civil or criminal action.  Time is of the essence, as the court has a schedule and witnesses not found in time will not be heard.

Legal professionals in Texas rely upon Kimmons Investigations to support their litigation and do so with professionalism and highly skilled licensed investigators. The outcome of court actions often relies upon the preparatory work done by professional investigators. Entering court under prepared is a sure path to failure. Contact Kimmons Investigations to provide the litigation support you need for success.

Hire the Kimmons Investigations Texas private investigators for your litigation needs, and you’ll have your witnesses in court when you need them.

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