Private Investigators’ Rivalry Snares The Donald

The rivalry between a pair of Houston-based private investigators has meant yet another court case for embattled mogul Donald Trump. He’s now facing a lawsuit brought by Kimmons Investigative Services Inc., for $5,394.90 plus attorney fees.

The litigation stems from Mr. Trump’s alleged refusal to pay for the private investigations firm’s services last year during his divorce, The company had been hired to spy on the private investigator hired by Mr. Trump’s estranged wife, Ivana Trump.

“Watching other private investigators is not all that unusual as a part of other work,” Rob Kimmons, president of Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. “This case was unusual in that this was the focus of our assignment.”

Mr. Kimmons believes his firm was contacted because of its long-standing rivalry with Houston private investigator Clyde Wilson, the man hired by Ms. Trump to gather ammunition on her husband. Mr. Kimmons says Mr, Trump pledged a retainer of $10,000 and continued to insist that the “check is in the mail” through seven weeks of operations last spring.

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. did submit a report to Mr. Trump giving him “What I felt was valuable information,” says Mr Kimmons. “It was right after our report that they reached a tentative settlement.

Although unavailable for comment, Mr. Trump’s attorneys have told reporters that Mr. Kimmons’ report was not as valuable as he believes. He says he’s suing only for the time and expenses incurred during employment on the celebrated case.

By Gary Taylor

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