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Computer forensics services.

Rob Kimmons’ company offers computer forensics services.  Computer forensics is a computer investigation and analysis technique used by this Houston private investigator to acquire civil, criminal or administrative evidence from a computer system.

Clients may seek these services for:

  • theft of trade secrets
  • destruction or theft of intellectual property
  • criminal misuse, or fraud

Kimmons’ Houston private investigator service utilizes numerous methods for discovering data on a computer system. These methods uncover or recover encrypted, damaged or deleted files.  The information found can be useful in depositions, litigation, or discovery.

Which Houston Private Investigator Clients Can Use Computer Forensics

Because computers are a part of almost every activity and business these days, Houston private investigator prosecutor clients use computer forensics services to prosecute cases ranging from theft to financial fraud and drug related activities.  Civil litigation often involves computer forensics in cases involving divorce, discrimination, and harassment.

Corporations use computer forensics specialists to gather evidence relating to embezzlement, misappropriation of funds or trade secrets, and sexual harassment. Individuals frequently hire computer forensics specialists to support their claims of age discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination.  Services include:

  • securing the system.
  • hidden, temporary, or swap files are discovered and revealed.
  • discovery of files, including hidden files.
  • recovery of files that have been deleted.
  • Access protected or encrypted files
  • Analyze all relevant data
  • Provide consultation and/or testimony
  • Protect all information and evidence discovered throughout investigation
  • print a summary report of all activities and files.

Throughout these activities, a trained computer forensics professional will safeguard all evidence and files.  Every activity and process used will be noted and the results recorded in order to maintain a chain of evidence.

If you’re seeking a Houston private investigator for computer forensics, contact us at Kimmons Investigations for a consultation about your needs.  Our services cover the wide range of corporate and personal needs.

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