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Houston Private Investigation Services

Running a business involves a great many challenges, and this Houston private investigation company helps when those challenges involve threats to the business. They can involve internal, external threats, or both. Often you’re in the dark, unaware of threats, and the job of the private investigator is to spotlight them for you.

Internal Theft

In businesses with inventory, especially warehoused inventory, shrinkage is often considered a part of business. Often it’s only addressed when it reaches a level that can’t be ignored. By that time the money lost could have hired an investigator to ferret out the employees or vendors who are pilfering the stock. Sometimes the long term solution is a well-executed profiling and background check system for new hires and periodic followup.

External Theft

Customers, vendors, transportation companies, and others are all in positions that could facilitate theft of your products or services. If you’re experiencing losses, and internal theft isn’t the problem, consider hiring professional help to locate the sources.

Intellectual Property Theft

This category of theft also involves trademark and copyright infringement. Proprietary software and other intellectual property, including marketing plans, are all at risk for theft. If you have a secret or proprietary process that works well for your business, you can bet that competitor businesses would love to have it. Don’t wait until they find a way to steal it before you take protective measures.

Litigation Services

If you’re in business long enough, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself in a litigious situation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re being sued for something you’ve done or if it’s just a nuisance action. All legal action against your company is a threat to your ongoing business. This Houston private investigation company is hired by many prominent attorneys for investigations related to defense in lawsuits.

TSCM, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

It’s always gratifying and interesting to see management reactions when spying devices, bugs, cameras and recorders are discovered in a business. Sweeping and debugging are services in high demand in today’s high-tech world. If your business has proprietary or highly successful processes and methods, someone would love to have them as well. A sweep of the phone systems, meeting rooms, and offices of a business can result in the discovery of all kinds of spying devices.

Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

With a major part of our personal and business lives conducted over cell phones and recorded or performed on computers, it’s only natural to find that there are others who would find ways to track our activities on these devices. Locating malware and other software and applications that spy on your activities is what computer and cell phone forensics is all about.

Personal Protective Services

If there are physical threats to company personnel, this private investigation company has the equipment and expertise to protect them at work, home, or wherever you choose. Highly trained investigators are experienced at personal protective services.

All of these are services provided on a regular basis by this Houston private investigation company. With other branches around Texas, contacting Rob Kimmons at Kimmons Investigations is a wise move for any business owner or manager who wants to spotlight issues and resolve them for a better and more profitable business.

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