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Houston Private Investigator

Computer forensics services.

Rob Kimmons’ company offers computer forensics services.  Computer forensics is a computer investigation and analysis technique used by this Houston private investigator to acquire civil, criminal or administrative evidence from a computer system.

Clients may seek these services for:

  • theft of trade secrets
  • destruction or theft of intellectual property
  • criminal misuse, or fraud

Kimmons’ Houston private investigator service utilizes numerous methods for discovering data on a computer system. These methods uncover or recover encrypted, damaged or deleted files.  The information found can be useful in depositions, litigation, or discovery.

Which Houston Private Investigator Clients Can Use Computer Forensics

Because computers are a part of almost every activity and business these days, Houston private investigator prosecutor clients use computer forensics services to prosecute cases ranging from theft to financial fraud and drug related activities.  Civil litigation often involves computer forensics in cases involving divorce, discrimination, and harassment.

Corporations use computer forensics specialists to gather evidence relating to embezzlement, misappropriation of funds or trade secrets, and sexual harassment. Individuals frequently hire computer forensics specialists to support their claims of age discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination.  Services include:

  • securing the system.
  • hidden, temporary, or swap files are discovered and revealed.
  • discovery of files, including hidden files.
  • recovery of files that have been deleted.
  • Access protected or encrypted files
  • Analyze all relevant data
  • Provide consultation and/or testimony
  • Protect all information and evidence discovered throughout investigation
  • print a summary report of all activities and files.

Throughout these activities, a trained computer forensics professional will safeguard all evidence and files.  Every activity and process used will be noted and the results recorded in order to maintain a chain of evidence.

If you’re seeking a Houston private investigator for computer forensics, contact us at Kimmons Investigations for a consultation about your needs.  Our services cover the wide range of corporate and personal needs.

Texas Private Investigator – Vehicle and Marine Surveillance

Texas Private Investigator

Texas private investigator offers surveillance services on land and water.


If you’re in need of a Texas private investigator experienced in both vehicle tracking and marine surveillance, Kimmons Investigations is your best resource for a Texas private investigator.  Surveillance, whether on land or water, is a specialized investigative service that requires both training and technical resources.  Kimmons Investigations has both.

Texas Private Investigator Vehicle Tracking

Companies have a wide range of needs when it comes to keeping track of their vehicles, whether they’re delivery, service, or employer-provided vehicles.  There are many valid reasons for tracking the location of vehicles, some of which include:

  • employee security
  • materials and product protection from theft
  • monitoring of vehicle use for cost control
  • efficient scheduling of service calls or deliveries

Electronic equipment with GPS tracking capabilities are available with full-time Internet tracking of location and mapping of stops and times of movement.  Sometimes the vehicle tracking is a part of investigation of employee activities or theft.

Marine Surveillance

Houston private investigators at Kimmons Investigations are also trained experts at marine surveillance.  In the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston Bay, and particularly the Houston Ship Channel, there are requirements for surveillance of water craft and shore activities related to the massive economic activity in the area.  Ships, container vessels, and craft of all types are engaged in legal and illegal activities.

The equipment and training for marine surveillance has some similarity to vehicle and personnel surveillance, but there are other specialized needs that Kimmons Investigations has available.  Our trained personnel and craft are well-suited to marine surveillance and tracking of watercraft with specialized reporting of activities and movements.


For your vehicle tracking, marine surveillance, and Texas private investigator needs, call on Kimmons Investigations for expert training and equipment.

Texas Private Investigator Services

Texas private investigator litigation services.

Investigator provides a full spectrum of investigative services.

Litigation is big business in this country, and whether you’re plaintiff or the defendant, court actions can take a lot of time and money, especially if a trial and witnesses are involved.  This Texas private investigator  provides skip tracing and witness location services.

Texas private investigators from Kimmons Investigations have access to proprietary databases for background checks, locating people, and tracking people who are constantly moving.  In the data collection and analysis phases of locating people, Kimmons’ Texas private investigators access a great deal of data from multiple sources, some not accessible to the general public:

  • credit card applications
  • business license applications
  • courthouse records
  • public records databases
  • proprietary databases
  • driver license records
  • criminal records
  • real estate and mortgage filings
  • loan applications
  • job applications
  • phone number databases
  • credit reports
  • tax records
  • professional license databases
  • court filings

It isn’t difficult to hide from creditors or others in this country, but it’s impossible to hide from a trained investigator with the database and investigative resources available to Kimmons’ Texas private investigators.

Our services to corporate and individual clients involved in litigation often involve locating people to strengthen our clients’ position in a civil or criminal action.  Time is of the essence, as the court has a schedule and witnesses not found in time will not be heard.

Legal professionals in Texas rely upon Kimmons Investigations to support their litigation and do so with professionalism and highly skilled licensed investigators. The outcome of court actions often relies upon the preparatory work done by professional investigators. Entering court under prepared is a sure path to failure. Contact Kimmons Investigations to provide the litigation support you need for success.

Hire the Kimmons Investigations Texas private investigators for your litigation needs, and you’ll have your witnesses in court when you need them.

Houston Private Investigator Internal Theft and Corporate Espionage Investigations

Houston private investigator corporate theft and espionage services.

Houston private investigator exposes corporate theft and espionage.

To begin, why would both internal theft and corporate espionage be in the same article about Houston private investigator services?  Corporate espionage is the theft of intangible and intellectual property, and it often involves a company insider or employee.  So, we’re talking about theft from a company, whether equipment, products, or intellectual property.

Inventory Theft

Inventory theft is common, especially in larger warehoused inventory situations.  The threat increases if the products sold by your competitors are very similar or identical to your products.  Suppose you import items, from electronics to home decor, from overseas.  Those suppliers will be soliciting business from every company like yours they can contact.  This means you’ll be selling identical items to others.

When you’re in this situation, theft of your inventory means that the competitor, or those wishing to sell to your competitor, can quickly move what they sell.  In our investigations, we’ve uncovered employees actually taking orders from competitors and filling then with “midnight requisitions” from their employer’s shelves.

Houston Private Investigator Embezzlement or Theft of Money Investigations

Also common is the theft of money from a company.  Employees handling money, collecting for sales, paying vendors, and other money-related tasks, are often in positions of trust that can be abused.  They’re in positions that make it easy to short the register, falsify invoices or register receipts, or in other ways indicate sales and cash collections that are understated.  They can pocket the difference without the employer noticing, often for long periods of time.

Sometimes it’s more sophisticated.  Accounting manipulations can understate income and overstate expenses in order to hide cash that can be siphoned away from the company without easy detection.

Houston Private Investigator Intellectual Property Theft Investigations

This can be theft that can severely damage a company.  When your business has trademarks, patents, proprietary product formulas or components, or confidential plans for expansion or new products or services, you do your best to protect them.  Your competition is always watching and waiting for opportunities to beat you to market or provide a better widget or service.

Sometimes they do more than just watch.  From bugging your phone systems to covert cameras and recording devices inside your business, they seek to steal your secrets and use them against you.  Our job is to discover what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and to stop the theft.

Investigative Tools for Internal Theft and Corporate Espionage

With the wide differences between what is being stolen and how, the investigative techniques and tools we use at Kimmons Investigations vary with the goal of discovery in mind.  Each Houston private investigator employs diverse personnel skills, physical surveillance, and high tech forensics to uncover theft of materials, intellectual property, and corporate espionage:

  • physical surveillance, 24/7 if necessary.
  • personal and vehicle tracking.
  • bug detection and debugging equipment.
  • computer forensics.
  • records searches.
  • interviews and taking of statements.
  • covert camera installations.

The goal of Kimmons Investigations is to not only uncover theft but also to determine the culprits.  Our tools are state of the art and our personnel well-trained.  Each Kimmons Inv. Houston private investigator wants to uncover what happened, quantify your losses, determine who to charge, and we’ll provide the evidence you need to bring them to justice.

Texas Private Investigator Trademark & Copyright Infringement Investigative Services

There are many more ways in which to violate valuable trademark, copyright, and intellectual property rights these days.  The Internet is hosting billions of articles, blog posts, advertisements, and more.  It is within the abilities of any individual with a smartphone and Wifi to place their opinions, articles, or posts online at any time.

The traditional methods of trademark and copyright infringement are all still around, but the problems have been amplified by the Internet.  Business owners work diligently to establish their brand and grow brand awareness.  When their registered trademark is used illegally in some way, the damage can negate years of work and a lot of money.

Copyright infringement investigations can take many paths, and the Internet is where copyright is routinely infringed millions of times daily.  Though often not as damaging as trademark infringement, copyright is protection for valuable intellectual property.  Here’s what the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has to say about them:


trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others. A service mark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than goods. Some examples include brand names, slogans, and logos. The term “trademark” is often used in a general sense to refer to both trademarks and service marks.

Unlike patents and copyrights, trademarks do not expire after a set term of years.


copyright protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. The duration of copyright protection depends on several factors.  For works created by an individual, protection lasts for the life of the author, plus 70 years. For works created anonymously, pseudonymously, and for hire, protection lasts 95 years from the date of publication or 120 years from the date of creation, whichever is shorter.

Read more about Kimmons Trademark & Copyright Infringement Investigative services.

Texas Private Investigator Domestic Investigations Case – Domestic Surveillance of Cheating Wife

While investigators would rather be trying to take down a serial killer, in this case, we were hired by a husband to surveil his wife’s activities.  In this domestic investigation, we found that we were on the trail of a serial cheater.

The husband was in a tough divorce battle with his wife for primary custody of their child.  We were hired to keep track of her activities and report to the husband before their court date.  We found that this lady was really busy, and traveled a lot as well.

Most of her activities were in the Houston, TX area, but the beginning of this story was in the Austin area.  In these cases, you’re surveilling someone while trying to remain unseen.  You try to get as close as possible to get photos without your activity being spotted.  In this case, I had followed the lady to a cabin in the woods where she was meeting a policeman.

They were engaged in enthusiastic physical activity on a picnic table in the backyard.  In trying to get photos for the husband’s case, I was lying nearby as still as possible.  Apparently, I was effective at the “still” part, as suddenly I attracted the attention of some buzzards that I assume thought they had a pending meal lying there.  The policeman noticed them and asked our subject if they should go check out what they were attracted to, but luckily she wanted to stay at the table for more fun.  I got my photos and got out of there while they were distracted.

On to Idaho, where our lady subject was meeting a pilot on a military installation.  When I got to the installation main gate, the military police were not going to let me in, as it was a high-security installation.  I told them that I was there to visit a pilot friend and gave them his name.  I crossed my fingers as they tried to call him.  Luckily, he didn’t answer, but since I knew who he was and that he was there, they gave me a visitor’s pass.

Between photos of the pilot and our lady subject on base and at her hotel, I left with a lot of documentation of her activities.  I submitted my report and photos to her husband.  He wasn’t pleased with the documentation, but he was pleased with the result.  He left court with primary custody of their young child.

Domestic cases like this are not fun, and I’d rather be doing countermeasure and debugging work or following criminals.  However, they’re part of the business, and we do it well.

This is one of 30 real-world case studies with more detail in my book.   Get the free PDF download here.


What is TSCM? – Texas Private Investigator Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Surveillance countermeasures, debugging.

Oscor Spectrum Analyzer

Here’s what the FreeDictionary.com says: Techniques and measures to detect and neutralize a wide variety of hostile penetration technologies that are used to obtain unauthorized access to classified and sensitive information. Technical penetrations include the employment of optical, electro-optical, electromagnetic, fluidic, and acoustic means as the sensor and transmission medium, or the use of various types of stimulation or modification to equipment or building components for the direct or indirect transmission of information meant to be protected. Also called TSCM.


If someone or a company is eavesdropping on you or your business, they’ve likely placed one or more devices in your residence or business that are designed to capture text, typing, voice, images, or video of activities.  The “bugs” they’ve placed must send out some type of audio, video, or digital signal out of your area to your eavesdropper’s receiver.

Using sophisticated devices like the one in the image above, the transmitted signals are captured and the strength and frequency are detected.  Special software allows the constant monitoring and comparison of multiple signals and locations.  Alerts can be set up as well.

There are other specialized devices that are used to detect and monitor cellular and GSM transmissions.  Even power lines are monitored to detect signals they may be carrying.  Another specialized device can detect and locate electronic devices, even if they’re turned off.  Often these devices are well-hidden in the home or business, in furnishings or even structural components.

Thermal imaging is another TSCM method.  Most electronic devices generate heat when they’re operational.  Even if they’re hidden behind walls, in furnishings, or elsewhere, they can be detected with thermal imaging.  Sometimes the source is normal for the structure, but when detected, investigation of the source determines if it should be there or is eavesdropping.

Telephones & Systems

Telephone devices and their wiring have long been a resource for eavesdropping.  Corporate spying often involves bugs placed in phone panels, centers, or wiring to monitor or record conversations.  Only a thorough expert visual inspection coupled with technology and detection devices can uncover the newest and smallest of these devices.  Only a thorough examination of all telephone equipment, interconnecting wiring, and wiring from the structure outward can uncover today’s sophisticated bugging equipment.

Voicemail hacking is also prevalent in the illegal surveillance toolbox.  Corporate harassment, theft of information, and unauthorized toll charges have resulted from hacking of PBXs and voicemail systems.

Wifi, Networks, and Cyber Security

Having a firewall, even an excellent one, isn’t always an adequate security measure for your computer network.  Often the threats aren’t in the network itself, but in connections between your network and phone or security systems.  Every wiring connection is a potential hiding place for bugging devices.  They’ve even been found in cable data plugs.

Physical Inspection Procedures

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are more than just sophisticated equipment and detecting devices.  Physical inspection of the space is necessary and is quite thorough.  Devices, wall outlets, connections between systems, furniture, main switch boxes, PBXs, etc. are all suspect until cleared by a physical inspection.

The highly trained and experienced personnel of Kimmons Investigations are experts at TSCM and ready to locate and rid your office of all unwanted surveillance devices.  Learn more about our services here.

Digital Forensics Investigator: A Road Few Have Traveled

So, what is DFIR? Digital Forensics and Incident Response are commonly abbreviated as DFIR and refer to a particular skill set in computer security and forensics. This article will focus on the digital forensics part of this unholy union of the two fields.

“Computer Forensics is the retrieval, analysis, and use of digital evidence in a civil or criminal investigation” (Hayes, 2019).

Note the emphasis in the definition of the use of digital evidence in a civil or criminal investigation. The importance of understanding the legality of forensics cannot be overstated. Just as there are computer hacking laws that you can be convicted if you hack into a system without authorization such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), it is the same with computer forensics investigations…..

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Corporate Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know

Any well-meaning business shouldn’t take cybersecurity lightly. For sure, the threats to corporate data are becoming even more complicated for enterprises to handle. Corporate espionage, sabotage, and data theft are just some of the most critical threats that enterprises across all industries should worry about.

So what do startups need to know when it comes to securing their data from serious cyber threats?

If anything, businesses of all sizes shouldn’t rely on gut feeling when it comes to critical decisions related to cybersecurity. You have to make sure that you’re fully informed……

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