Digital Fraudsters Use COVID-19 Scams to Target Younger Generations

TransUnion released its quarterly analysis of global online fraud trends, which found that the telecommunications, e-commerce and financial services industries have been increasingly impacted.
“Our data showed the opposite with younger generations, Millennials and Gen Z (those born in or after 1995), being the most targeted. Adding insult to injury, our survey found Millennials are being financially challenged the most during the pandemic.”

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How to Defend Against Digital Surveillance when Teleworking

As companies throughout the world turn to teleworking as a way of continuing operations in the face of COVID-19, employees and security teams alike have understandably faced growing pains in adjusting to this new reality. Here are five easy-to-follow tips that remote employees can follow to mitigate the risk of digital surveillance while working from home.

COVID-19 is a global crisis that we’ll be dealing with as a society for some time to come. But by being smart about how we adapt to this new world of fully remote work, we can minimize the headaches for ourselves and our coworkers. Stay safe out there.

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Thunderspy, New Attack Method, Allows Hackers to Steal Data in Less than 5 Minutes

Eindhoven University of Technology researcher Björn Ruytenberg revealed the details of a new attack method he’s calling Thunderspy – which targets devices with a Thunderbolt port.
Any time someone requests physical access to your device, whether a laptop, phone, or tablet, there is cause for concern, he says. “Being able to load a malicious payload directly to the device bypasses many security tools with the attacker leaving no trace of meddling with the device.

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Houston Texas Private Investigator Sees Business Back Close to Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on all types of business is diminishing in severity. Texas businesses are opening again with some distancing and other restrictions in place. Houston Texas private investigator Rob Kimmons at Kimmons Investigations is seeing business almost back to a more normal level.

Houston Private Investigator Corporate Investigative Services

Based in Houston with branches around Texas, Kimmons Investigations is a high profile Texas private investigator resource for corporations and small business. Trademark and Copyright infringement investigation is one service that protects businesses from theft of intellectual property.

Especially with larger businesses with many employees and inventory, internal theft is a Houston private investigator service provide to help businesses to cut their losses from internal theft. Investigators are highly trained in surveillance and investigative techniques to uncover theft.

This Texas private investigator services provider company and individual profiling and due diligence services that help companies in purchases and mergers, as well as intelligent selection of employment applicants.

Texas Private Investigator High Tech Services

Kimmons Investigations provides technological investigative services for today’s highly technical and online world of business. Their Houston private investigators are highly trained in computer forensics, spyware and trackers, countermeasures and debugging, as well as cellular phone forensics.

Too many companies discover their vulnerabilities in these areas only after they’ve had an incident or had their systems compromised. Kimmons Investigations constantly trains their investigators in the latest investigative techniques and they work with state of the art equipment.

Houston Texas Investigative Services in Vehicle Tracking and Marine Surveillance

If your business would benefit from state of the art tracking of vehicle locations, speeds, and other daily activities, Kimmons Investigations has you covered. In the area of the Houston Ship Channel, marine surveillance is another specialty of their Texas private investigators.

Personal Protective Services

KIS offers personal protection to individuals, dignitaries, company executives, law firm clients etc. KIS maintains a pool of experience Personal Protection Officers, licensed through the State of Texas/DPS. Most of our PPO’s are former police officers.

Asset Discovery Services

Whether it’s a divorce situation or discovery of business or personal assets for litigation, Kimmons Investigations has the trained investigators and resources to locate assets around the world, often when they’ve been deliberately and carefully hidden.

If you’re in need of a Houston Texas private investigator, or elsewhere in the state of Texas, call Kimmons Investigations for the best trained and equipped investigators in the state.

Panda Security Report: Ransomware & Fileless Attacks are a Growing Concern

The new Panda Security Threat Insights Report 2020 compiled by PandaLabs – anti-malware laboratory and security operations center (SOC)  –illuminates several emerging trends in the cybersecurity space.

The Panda Security Threat Insights Report 2020 highlights data compiled by PandaLabs – the anti-malware laboratory and security operations center (SOC) of Panda Security, which has illuminated several emerging trends in the cybersecurity space. The report analyzed 14.9 million malware events in 2019, stopping 7.9 million Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), as well as 76,000 alerts for exploits

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Are you Ready for These 26 Different Types of DDoS Attacks?

Although distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is an old school attack vector, it continues to be a serious threat to organizations.

Not only is DDoS a way for hacktivists to manifest protest against Internet censorship and controversial political initiatives, but it’s also a goldmine of opportunities for achieving strictly nefarious goals. For instance, the latest tweak in this epidemic is what’s called “ransom DDoS,” a technique used to extort money from organizations in exchange for discontinuing a massive incursion.

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Toll Group Suffers Ransomware Attack Again

Toll Group suffers a ransomware attack for the second time in four months. Toll Group took the precautionary step of shutting down certain IT systems after unusual activity on some of servers was detected. Later, Toll Group confirmed the attack was a new form of ransomware known as Nefilim. Charles Ragland, security engineer at Digital Shadows, explains that “Nefilim is a relatively new ransomware variant that was first identified in March 2020.

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Biometric Data: Increased Security and Risks

Biometrics has the potential to make authentication faster, easier and more secure, as long as it is handled with due care. Based on this, what can companies and governments do to offer a safer digital environment for consumers? Biometric authentication uses human physical or behavioral characteristics to digitally identify a person to grant access to systems, devices or data. Examples of such biometric identifiers are fingerprints, facial patterns, voice or typing cadence.

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91% of People Know Password Reuse is Insecure, Yet 75% do it Anyway

Data from a new LastPass survey shows that 91% of people know that using the same password on multiple accounts is a security risk, yet 66% continue to use the same password anyway. Released in time for World Password Day, the global survey polled 3,250 individuals across the United States, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, and the United Kingdom and provides evidence that increased knowledge of security best practices doesn’t necessarily translate into better password management.

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Webinar: Competitive Forensic Science Grant Programs (BJA)

During this webinar, BJA and RTI International will discuss available Fiscal Year 2020 competitive forensic science funding opportunities. These solicitations/grant programs will provide states and localities with various resource tools to improve the quality of their forensic science services to meet the challenges of crime and justice and improve overall public safety.

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