Water Security Systems for The Water Utility Industry

Custom Water Storage Security & Water Distribution Security

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. designs customized security solutions for water storage and distribution sites. Our solutions include:

  • Alarm & Digital Video Systems (provide cost effective 24 hour security)
  • 24 Hour Video Monitoring Capabilities – including the transmission and monitoring of live video feeds
  • Client can monitor video from a remote location
  • Access Control for sites including biometrics, card key and key pad
  • Vulnerability Assessments and Studies
  • Background Investigations of Employees and Vendors

How Do Our Water Storage Security Systems & Water Distribution Security Systems Work?

The alarm system monitors the perimeter of the site, as well as doors and windows of any on-site structures. A digital recorder captures motion activated video 24 hours a day. The alarm and camera systems are routed to an alarm monitoring company via a DSL or ISDN line connection.

When an alarm is activated, the monitoring company is notified and an operator immediately surveys the site to determine the cause of the alarm. The appropriate action is then be taken. This includes notifying law enforcement and company officials, and remotely shutting off the pumps.

All equipment installed at such sites are the highest in quality and dependability. Warranties are offered, as well as long-term maintenance contracts.

This specialized security solution can also be applied to other utilities and related industries such as waste water, pipelines, electrical transmission, storage sites, etc. Our cameras provide a cost effective solution to a utility site’s 24 hour security needs.

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