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Proper Review of Information Can Protect Investors

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to get someone to use their brains. Take, for example, the European businessman who plunked down about $200,00 in a limited partnership promoted by a Houston “good old boy” who showed him some oil and gas prospects that looked too good to be true. You guessed it , they were.

Or, continuing with instances, the investors who sunk $8 million into an…

Detectives Help Banks in Collecting

A Texas bank was ready to charge off a loan to a borrower who was more than $300,00 in arrears and appeared to have no more assets that could be seized for repayment.

But before giving up on the loan, the bank hired a private investigator. The investigator began looking through public records in city, county, and state agencies. The search unearthed a premium foreign automobile, a privat…

High-Tech Detectives, Armed with Computer Database

Private investigator Rob Kimmons has an unusual partner to solve his capers. Kimmons, a high-tech detective, relies on his computer.

By using a computer database, Kimmons and his staff at Kimmons Investigative Services Inc. can track the assets of companies or find out if someone has been married before.

“Five or six years ago, I didn’t even own a computer, Kimmons said. “Now I…

Little Known Industries Shape Texas

A couple suspects their nanny of abusing their child. Private investigator L.E. “Jack” Driscoll says he’ll check it out with hidden cameras. Or maybe a company is having a problem with industrial espionage or a law firm needs debugging. Mr. Driscoll is on the case.

Private investigators, armored cars and other stealth services employ 40,000 Texans four times the number employed in…

Kimmons Announces Former FBI Official to Kimmons Staff

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a consultant to our staff to assist with international investigative assignments. Robert “Bob” Cromwell is a retired FBI Agent, currently residing in Florida.

Bob recently retired as Special Agent in Charge of the Jacksonville , Florida , FBI Office. In Bob’s 23 year tenure with the FBI, he held several positions…

Houston Firm Examining Asset Claims in Oklahoma

A Houston company has found Oklahoma to be fertile ground for researching the assets of debtors whom creditors suspect have understated their holdings.

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. has two Oklahoma city banks as clients and does work for Texas clients owed money by Oklahoma firms and individuals, said Rob Kimmons, the company’s president. The firm has examined the asset claims of…

Kimmons Investigative Services Private Investigations Has Expanded

Our investigations and security firm has expanded into the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc., a licensed investigations and security agency in its fifteen years of operation, is based out of Houston, Texas with a branch office in Dallas, Texas.

6440 N. Central Expressway
Suite 310
Dallas Texas, 75206
Telephone # (214) 696-9881
Fax # (214) 696-9882


Private Investigators’ Rivalry Snares The Donald

The rivalry between a pair of Houston-based private investigators has meant yet another court case for embattled mogul Donald Trump. He’s now facing a lawsuit brought by Kimmons Investigative Services Inc., for $5,394.90 plus attorney fees.

The litigation stems from Mr. Trump’s alleged refusal to pay for the private investigations firm’s services last year during his divorce, The company…

Company Uses Public Records to Uncover Hidden Assets

CONROE- Rob Kimmons’ company follows clues in public records like a tracker follows bent twigs and footprints. Kimmons runs Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc.; a Houston-based company that checks state and county records for assets of companies and individuals who claim to be broke.

The information can prove useful to lenders, creditors and attorneys who are either reviewing a potentia…

Company Has Its Private Eye On Businesses

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc. is proof that a handshake no longer forms a sound enough base for lots of business deals in the Lone Star State.

Witness the case of a Houston bank with an oil man about to default on a $3 million loan. The oil man claimed poverty. The bank suspected otherwise.

Enter Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc., a Houston investigations and security firm.


Houston Address

Kimmons Investigative Services, Inc.
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