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Houston Detective Sues Donald Trump – Claims He Didn’t Pay For Probe

Financially beleaguered New York City tycoon Donald Trump and ex-wife Ivana’s marital split may have cost a Houston private investigator $5,394.90.

Rob Kimmons, owner of Kimmons Investigative Services Inc., claims in a lawsuit Donald Trump failed to pay him for keeping an eye on another Houston private investigator, retained by Ivana to monitor her then husband.

“It just shows you –…

Surveillance Van Helps Catch Crooks

During his lunch break at the warehouse, this one fellow went home to sell goods stolen from trucks in the loading area.

A second man soon pulled up in a car and went into the house.

Jim Dunbar is a private eye with Kimmons Investigative Services, the detective agency hired by the company that was being stolen from. He wanted to catch the thief in the act of selling hot merchandise, and …

The Difficulty of Gun Control

So, with all this effort and action and debate and with so many people trying to reduce the availability of weapons for criminals, I thought perhaps you might be interested in this little case involving three stolen guns.

Guns are sure in the news a lot lately.

Congress passed the Brady Bill. Then from the private sector we have a growing program that offers toys or other merchandise to…

The Latest Bug: Not An Automobile

The kind of bugs we’re talking about here are those eavesdropping bugs, those transmitting devices that can be secretly hidden someplace in your home or office by someone who wants to find out what you are saying to whom.

Probably you don’t have any bug problem. The vast majority of us can rest easy that our lives are bug free. And even if you are worried you might have some, and if you…

The New Guy Could be a Spy

When you shake hands with a new employee, don’t assume he’s just another friendly face. More companies are hiring private investigators when they suspect there’s a theft or a drug ring operating on company time. The spy, posing as an employee, tries to get the scoop by working side by side with employees and hanging out with them after work at bars and the softball field.

“A spy is a…

Access to Public Data by Computer Makes Private Investigations Quicker

In the world of the corporate detective, information is invaluable. But with the myriad of public records scattered statewide, the value of the data rests largely in the time it takes to get it all. The more time-consuming or difficult the data-gathering process, the more clients pay for the service.

So, several firms that specialize in corporate investigations research have brought some of…

Corporate Detectives – Private Investigators Mix High-Tech with Legwork

The Community Bank southwest of Houston, smelling fat fees and interest, was eager to fund the borrower’s request for a million-dollar business loan. The board of directors had consented. All the documents lacked was the borrower’s signature to close the deal.

But prior to closing, a shocked loan officer spied the borrower’s name in an unflattering newspaper article describing him as…

Former Officer Finds His Niche as Private Eye

Sometimes it’s nothing more than a gut feeling that something is wrong that prompts a client to come to Kimmons Investigative Services. Often those hunches are correct. “We prepare them for the worst ahead of time,”he said.”We tell them if you don’t want to know, don’t hire us.”

One client could not understand why the man she adored did not have a home phone number to give her.

Hiring the Wrong Person Can Prove Costly: Background Checks Pay Off

Companies pay a high price for hiring the wrong people. Not only do unscrupulous employees drain corporate coffers with kickback schemes and embezzlement, they also pose a significant liability threat.

An article published last year by the Society for Human Resource Management pointed to a case in Colorado where the state court ordered McDonald’s to pay a $210,000 damage award after a worker…

Kimmons Investigative Services Proves Valuable to Lenders, Attorneys

Two former law enforcement officers have traded in their badges, guns and late night surveillance habits to peruse paper trails left behind among the millions of pieces of information filed in county courthouses across the nation.

The information, while part of the public record, can be difficult to uncover but very valuable to bankers, attorneys and others, says Rob L. Kimmons, president of…

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